There are a growing number of LGBT parents who work in 'the City', including in law, finance and professional services. Managing a job, family obligations and a work/life balance can be tough (and rewarding), and the support and friendship of others in a similar position can be incredibly helpful. With backing from the InterLaw Diversity Forum and other LGBT networks, P3 has been set up to provide a network of support for such professionals, and as a resource for anyone with an interest in LGBT parenting and the City, including parents of LGBT children.

p3's objectives

  • social engagement for LGBT parents who share the common theme of the challenges of a City career;

  • knowledge sharing on experiences – ie speaking to your employer about leave, how to manage school bullying, how to manage un-approving parents at the school gates, explaining to children that their parents are gay/lesbian, the adoption/IVF/surrogacy process, unfounded fears about whether you will raise a gay child because you are in a gay family;

  • prospective parents who can network with positive role models;

  • learning for “ally” colleagues/managers so that they can support their LGBT parent counterparts; and

  • social engagement and knowledge sharing for heterosexual professional parents who are also “proud” because they may have children who are LGBT.

what makes us different

We acknowledge that the City is full of strong and supportive LGBT, parenting, family and ally networks. However, at P3, we believe we have created a network to fill a gap that is currently missing across the City.

So, what makes P3 different?

  • targeted at parents, or those close to taking the decision to become parents, our demographic is likely to be interested in more than the purely social element of LGBT networking;
  • target member is multi-diverse;
  • bespoke in that there is no other comparable network across the City – at internal LGBT networks, LGBT parents are a minority, and at internal family/parent networks, LGBT parents’ issues are again in minority. There may be no benefit to each institution starting a new network for a small subset of their staff, but across the City, there is critical mass;
  • equally supportive to LGBT professional parents as to heterosexual professional parents with LGBT children;
  • ally participants can “give back”, something many allies often say they can’t do with classic LGBT networks since they have a more difficult time to relate. At P3, allies (particularly those who may have taken time out of their careers for their families) can offer a lot of insight into their own personal journies of trying to juggle it all;
  • aligns with current initiatives across the City around authenticity, managing work-flex, and keeping employees happy by trying to support their day-to-day realities.


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